Geoffrey Mayo

Senior Software Engineer


What I am all about

Twenty years of experience in software from employee to team leader to business owner, earning a coveted “Einstein visa” to the US and now a US Citizen able to work for any employer without restriction or sponsorship.


Not your average programmer


User experience is the key to a successful product which is why my experience of HTML, JS, and CSS matter.


MS SQL and MySQL. Customers want relevant data and fast.


C# and Delphi. Because back ends matter.

Version Control

Bug tracking and source control is vital to any project.


Even the best software needs excellent documentation, both for users and for developers.


Projects big and small need cohesive teams.



Cajon Rail LLC / Director

April 2012 - Present, Murrieta

Led development of SimSig, a home Win32 rail simulator, using resources from the UK, Australia, and the Philippines. Converted the associated website from a Joomla-based collection of components to a C#/.NET/HTML5/CSS/JS/MVC/EF/MS SQL custom built website while maintaining a 10,000 user base. Provided technical support for advanced product users.

Currently developing a new version of SimSig that runs online, through web browsers, employing technologies such as SignalR, AJAX, JavaScript, WPF, and MS SQL.

The Railway Engineering Co Ltd / Software Technical Authority

September 2000 - March 2012, Bradford-on-Avon, UK

Initially a Software Engineer, progressing through to a software team leader, and ultimately a Software Technical Authority which bridged the knowledge domain from rail to software. Led and managed numerous software projects which are still in use for safety-related and non-safety critical applications on the railway in the UK, Norway, and Sweden. Led teams of software engineers, data engineers, testers, and contractors. Main products included simulation software for training signallers (dispatchers) and scheduling software for determining rail pinch points.

The company is now owned by Hitachi, known as Hitachi Information Control Systems (Europe).

Westinghouse Signals Ltd / Software Engineer

September 1998 - August 2000, Chippenham, UK

Sponsored by Westinghouse through the final year of University and subsequently placed as a software engineer. The main work was porting a safety-related Coral (Pascal-like) application on a custom operating system to Delphi running on Windows NT4. It is still used today to route thousands of trains every week automatically through parts of south east London.

The company is now owned by Siemens.


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